MBA Student Perspective: Clubs at Simon

By: Tarang, MBA Candidate, Class of 2009

The Simon School has 20 clubs and is adding more each year. There are a wide variety of clubs including those that are academic, sports, culture and hobby focused. The clubs are entirely student run with second year students in leadership positions, and are supported hugely by the school’s Student Services Office. I am the President of the Marketing Club, a part of the VISION Committee, and a club member of Simon United and Simon Ambassadors. I am also a part of the Coach Program and actively participate in other school events organized by the Graduate Business Council and Student Services.

As the president of the Marketing Club, I execute the club’s mission to be a hub of activities, knowledge and contacts in the marketing field. The most popular events of the year are the Corporate Trip and Case Competition. The Corporate Trip is a visit to few marketing companies in the tri-state area which are industry leaders. Last year, we visited Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, and Colgate-Palmolive, amongst other companies. Right now, I am actively involved in organizing this year’s trip. We also host a Marketing Case Competition and students from over 25 top b-schools come to Rochester to participate. In addition to these activities, the Marketing Club hosts speakers, discusses marketing related events, plans social outings like wine tours, and has a mentorship program for its members.

Simon clubs are how I harness my education, pursue my interests and participate in fun activities outside of the classroom. They are the source of my favorite memoires as a student at Simon.

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