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By:Bonnie He Liu

Hi everyone! Hope that you all have enjoyed your new year so far. How is it going with your “New Year Resolution”?  One of my personal goals is to learn something new every day. I am excited to learn any piece of information or knowledge that is new to me. 

Recently I have been attending a Culture and Conversation Workshop, which is supported by the English Language and U.S. Culture Program (ELUSC), along with the Career Management Center (CMC) of Simon School. In this workshop we had a lot of interesting topics such as: the Super Bowl and rules of the American football game; those $3.5 million per 30 seconds commercials during Super Bowl; the “Linsanity” effect caused by the Harvard graduate NBA player Jeremy Lin, impromptu presentations, and non-verbal communication skills etc. Sounds interesting right? Yes they really are. We played football ourselves in class, held a “press conference” to interview Jeremy Lin and his team, ranked the Super Bowl commercials, and then made one minute presentations on chosen topics. During the workshop instructors from ELUSC helped improve our oral English and presentation skills. I found that really helpful! I learned more of American culture, plus gained new skills I need for the professional world.

I did not attend the ELUSC program offered in the summer before I started my MBA study, but should have. This program can really help international students in many ways to better prepare for their MBA life in the U.S. Some of my classmates who attended ELUSC told me that they even had case competitions and other interesting subjects. So I would like to recommend the ELUSC program to the international students who will come this fall since you can learn something new and different early on! If you would like to learn more about ELUSC, please check the Simon’s website at http://www.simon.rochester.edu/programs/elusc/index.aspx.
All right, I need to finish my homework for Financial Statement Analysis. This course is demanding but extremely useful and can be regarded as one of the “must take” courses in Simon, if you want to concentrate on finance. I will tell you about that later so just stay tuned.

P.S. Have you submitted your application yet? Don’t forget that the final application deadline for international students is March 15th. Still have question about the MBA program? Feel free to raise your inquiries to the Admission Office! And I would also love to help if you have any questions so you may contact me at he.liu@simon.rochester.edu.

Good luck and looking forward to meeting you soon at Simon.

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