Lasagna dinner at the Dean’s house

By: Jackie

Greetings from Simon!  Last night I had the opportunity to attend the third lasagna dinner for first year students, faculty, and staff that Dean Zupan has hosted at his home in the past week. I felt so fortunate to not only have been able to attend, but also fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of such a special community as Simon.  As he did last year, Dean Zupan has invited each member of the first year MBA class to his home for a series of lasagna dinners. Faculty and staff are asked to join as well and even help out as servers!  Even though there were about 50 people there it still felt a lot like having dinner at home with friends and family as we sat at dinner tables scattered throughout Dean Zupan’s house dining on either vegetarian white lasagna or meat lasagna along with great salads and desserts. In attendance were new students from states such as Florida, New York, California, Massachussetts, and Ohio as well as from countries such as Japan, India, South Korea, and China.

After dinner everyone moved to the living room where Dean Zupan led a conversation in which our new international students each shared advice for our domestic students on doing business in their home country. It was a great exchange, in the room there was a wide variety of work experience (ranging from directly out of college to 18 years!) and a wealth of backgrounds represented from banking to consulting to entrepreneurship and beyond. Students gave advice on what it might take to set up a telecommunications company in India to how to properly present a business card in Tokyo–which trust me, is a great thing to know! 

In addition, faculty members and staff shared advice on how to make the most of the Simon experience and the most common theme of the night seemed to be to get to know one another in the Simon community– there are a lot of great resources such as the faculty and staff, and just as importantly, among one another. 

As a member of the admissions committee, I felt energized by last night’s event.  It is such a pleasure to work for and promote a school that you believe in, and it is even better when you get to experience what sets Simon apart from the competition first hand.

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