Graduation is right around the corner

My position before arriving at Simon was working as an Admissions Counselor for an undergraduate institution, with the majority of my time spent conversing with high school students. I found this to be a unique group, specifically because they were facing some major life decisions, and as their counselor, I was able to work alongside them in realizing the steps to take towards achieving their future goals.

I was reminded of my previous position last week when I participated in an Undergraduate Information Session here at Simon. The Session was open to any undergraduate student to attend – and we had a great response!

Many of you reading this blog are current juniors and seniors in college who are wondering what the next step after graduation might be. Have you ever considered heading right to business school? Many business schools will not consider applicants unless they have two or three years of work experience. Here at Simon, we take a different approach. We call it our Early Leader Initiative. You can learn more about the Early Leader Initiative online at:

If you are not sure which direction you will be heading in two and a half months, I encourage you to consider applying for a Simon MS or MBA. It’s not too late to apply!

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