Going Beyond Your Academic Concentration

By: Crissi  

Many business students approach their choice of elective courses very deliberately. Much like choosing and enrolling in a school, students focus on the courses that are most closely aligned with their future career goals.  This high level of focus and dedication makes for successful students and future business leaders.  In the part-time MBA, I too was focused on taking all of my electives in my core area of interest: competitive and organizational strategy, and marketing.

The Simon course offerings over the summer are slim; many students just graduated and many others are away at internships.  As a part-time student I opted to continue courses over the summer in order to get closer to graduation.  Since I was already over half of the way there, I found many of the summer classes in my concentrations were not offered or I had already taken them.  Straying from my academic plan, I instead enrolled in a high level finance and accounting course.

I had not intended to study finance or accounting beyond the core course requirements; however, this summer I found myself enrolled in Corporate Finance (FIN 413) and Accounting for Management and Control (ACC 410).  After completing both courses, I am very glad I took the time to consider material outside of my career focus.  Both courses provided me with new insights into how business decisions can be framed.  In particular, I have a healthy skepticism regarding reported financial and accounting figures and, more importantly, I have the insights of where to look and what to ask to fully grasp the accuracy of the information being presented.

I encourage all who are considering an MBA to take a leap and enroll in at least one class outside of your comfort zone – you never know what you might learn about yourself in the process!

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  1. Sergio Toloza says:

    Hi. I’m Sergio from Santiago of Chile. I liked your post!!. Now, I’m thinking about to apply to Master of Science and I’d like to take both FIN413 and ACC410. Can you tell me who the teachers of such courses?.
    Thank you very much.
    I hope I get accepted to Simon!