Finding Your Place: New to Simon

by: Andrew Brayda

Who doesn’t love a good story? I find myself telling stories all the time. Even more so, I like to listen to, or read a good story. I think for most of us, a good story captures our attention.  This is why I love working in higher education, and what brings me to Simon – the opportunity to be a part of each other’s story.

This is the first blog I have ever written for Simon Admissions. In fact, this is the first blog I have EVER written. As an introduction, here is a bit of my story…I am the Associate Director of Admissions here at the Simon School at the University of Rochester. I have been in higher education admissions for over 5 years and this is my first experience working with graduate students. One of the things I am passionate about, that translates across any level of education, is helping students realize their goals.

As I was thinking about blog ideas, I kept coming back to how this new experience for me at Simon fits in with my story. Along those lines, I thought it would be helpful to those new to Simon, or considering being new, if I shared a few of the things that were evident within my first week of working here:

  • You will never be left wondering “is anyone available to answer my questions?” The reality is, from your first email or interaction with a Simon employee, the amount of effort the staff and faculty put into personalizing the process is unmatched.
  • Being one of the smallest top tier business schools in the country, our students are a part of a tight knit community. Ultimately, it is your decision how much you will be involved in the community; but with the small size, you will have every opportunity to take advantage of all that the school has to offer.
  • Faculty and the curriculum are world renowned. Many of the faculty I have met emphasized their desire to see students succeed, not only in the classroom, but also in their career. With a first class faculty and curriculum, the opportunities to succeed are endless.
  • Alumni love this place! The vast majority of alumni that I have met either around campus or while traveling are passionate about their experience at Simon and more than willing to share that experience with others.
  • If you are looking for some extracurricular activities, whether it is related to your career or for pure socialization, you can find a club that fits your interests. It’s even possible to create and implement your own club (with the direction of Student Services of course).
  • The diversity of the Simon School sets us apart from the competition. Experience, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, people from all walks of life that come to Simon and find common ground.  I have already read applications and interviewed students from all around the world (I’m keeping track; I have interviewed or read applications for students from 15 countries…wow)!

For me, these are factors that add to the joys of working at Simon. To be in a dynamic environment, with people from all walks of life that are coming together for the same goal, to pursue a Simon MBA.

Where does Simon fit in your story?

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  1. Jingshu says:

    Hey~I’m going through my application process to Simon now, and your article makes me more interested in the school:) I always believe that one can ‘feel’ the school from their admission group’s effort~
    Really great job, thanks!

  2. Saiqa says:

    hi there. iam just starting to learn more about Simon and I already found myself loving it.I guess it’s gonna be a great place to get my MBA from. Although,I have some of queries regarding the admission process which I would email you especially after reading your part of story