Faculty Spotlight: Heidi Tribunella

Meet Heidi Tribunella, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting, and learn about where to find a beautiful getaway near Lake Ontario.

HeidiWhat courses do you teach?

I teach a variety of introductory accounting courses, a managerial accounting course for healthcare, basic income tax and a research course in professional accounting standards.

How long have you taught at Simon?

I have taught for Simon for 9 years, since September 2004.

What do you like most about your job?

I love it when my former students email me to tell me they have passed all four sections of the CPA exam, or have obtained their CPA license.  It is such a professional accomplishment.

Share a fun fact about you?

My fun fact is that when I have some spare time, I like to spend time on a boat.  I find that being able to leave land and deal with the challenges you might face on the water, really requires a much different skill-set than accounting does.  For instance, when you anchor, but the anchor doesn’t catch and the boat ends up grounded, you now face the challenge of how to get the boat off the sandbar.  Debits and credits doesn’t help in this situation.

If you could recommend a “unique Rochester experience” to prospective students what would it be?

Since I am a boater, the “unique Rochester experience” is going to involve water.  A very fun area of Rochester is at the mouth of the Genesee River, where it meets Lake Ontario.  There you will find many restaurants, ice cream stands,  a beach park,  and a historic carousel.  The beach park is host to many spring/summer/fall festivals and is a fantastic place to catch the sunset on Lake Ontario.  For a truly unique New York State experience, I think one of the most scenic places on Lake Ontario is Chimney Bluff’s state park. It is located about 45 minutes east of Rochester.   There you will find large sand dunes that flow into Lake Ontario.  They are sculpted by the wind and the lake.  The hike above the dunes or bluffs provides some of the most scenic vistas on the lake.   Dunes

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