Don’t Be Intimidated by the Business School Housing Search!

The following blog post was written by Prachi Bobade, 2016 MBA candidate

Photo of Prachi Bobade sitting on a bench near flowers

Prachi Bobade, 2016 MBA candidate.

One of the many perks of living in Rochester is great housing at amazingly affordable rates. As an international student who was visiting the United States for the first time, it was very intimidating for me to think about where I would live. To my amazement, the process was not as difficult as I thought: I resided in on-campus housing for both years of my program, but good off-campus housing is available as well. I’ll highlight some of the options you may explore when deciding on your business school residence.

On-Campus Housing

I chose to live on campus during my MBA program. Some of the perks of living on campus are: Shuttle services to and from the school at 20 minute intervals, snow plowing and maintenance taken care by the campus housing office, and close proximity to campus. The application for on-campus housing is currently available, and the process is a lottery system. Submit your application no later than May 1 to ensure the housing office receives it in time to participate in the lottery. The results will be announced in mid-May. I found the process to be very straightforward, and basic information is included in your Simon acceptance packet.

A group of Simon students enjoy a University housing gathering at University Park Apartments.

A group of Simon students enjoy a University housing gathering at University Park apartments.

Here are your on-campus housing options:

Goler House – Located approximately 1 mile from the school, Goler House is a top choice among graduate students. The popularity is largely attributed to its adjacency to College Town, which is home to many shops and restaurants. Goler House is a C-shaped apartment building with 13 floors and has 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom, and studio apartments. You can opt for a furnished apartment in Goler House by paying a bit extra each month. Typical rent range is from $600 – $1,000 USD per month.

University Park – The University Park apartments are a similar distance from the school as Goler House. Most of the apartments are 2-bedroom units, but there are a few 1-bedroom and studio apartments available as well. The rent ranges from $600- $1,000 USD per month. One advantage of University Park is that the units are spread out and there are children’s play areas, making it a nice choice for families with kids who want to stay closer to campus.

Whipple Park – These apartments are located 2.1 miles away from the school. This housing offers unique advantages for a student who is planning to bring their family along. The housing is located in a very kid-friendly environment and has enough open space for the children’s play areas. Many Ph.D. students live in Whipple Park, which gives this option a very family-oriented atmosphere. There are 2-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom townhouses, and 3-bedroom townhouses, and rent ranges from $800 – $1,000 USD per month.

Off-Campus Housing

There are also various off-campus options available, and in some cases you may find cost savings compared with on-campus housing. Consider these off-campus options:

Hope Lofts at College Town – Close to Goler House, this option is fairly new to the University area and provides basic apartment and community amenities. These studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments are a bit pricier, with rent ranging from $910 – $1,535 USD.

Fort Hill Terrace – This affordable option is also close to Goler House and offers row houses with multiple bedrooms.

Rustic Village – Approximately 2.5 miles from campus, these apartments are a popular choice. It is very close to South Town Plaza and Marketplace Mall, two main shopping hubs in Rochester.

In addition to these popular apartment complexes, many students choose to find housing in more residential areas – a number of Rochester neighborhoods have had historic homes converted into apartments. The Park Ave area, near downtown Rochester, is frequented by both graduate students and young professionals and features many restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. The U of R shuttle system also extends into this neighborhood.

For those looking for a more suburban feel, the 12 Corners neighborhood in Brighton is a great option. This area is still just a 10 minute drive from Simon and offers amenities such as a nearby farmers’ market on weekends, easy access to the Erie Canal bike path, and a number of restaurants within walking distance.

As always, if you have questions about a specific apartment or neighborhood, please feel free to reach out to the MBA or MS admissions ambassadors or the Admissions Office.

As far as transportation goes, there are several shuttle services provided by the University to reach to various parts of the city. As I said before, a University shuttle service runs between the graduate housing and campus every 20 minutes from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. A full shuttle map can be found online.

I wish you the best of luck finding your business school home away from home. With all the great options, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs!

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