Curriculum change for 2008-09

By Rebekah:

We are excited to announce that starting in fall 2008, there will be a change in curricular content to the Business Communications course taught at Simon.  This 3-credit course is required for all incoming full-time M.B.A. students, as well as those in the M.S. Accountancy program and taught over three quarters of study. 

The curriculum change will allow for additional emphasis on topics related to networking and interviewing.  Delivery of these topics will be provided on a "just in time" basis, related to both the hiring cycle and the academic year.  Small group lab sessions will also be incorporated, offering students the opportunity to practice and further develop these interpersonal skills, while also giving appropriate real-time feedback on how to succeed.  The course will continue to be co-taught by Career Management Center administrative staff and the Director of the Center for Leadership Development. 

This change will allow students to effectively enhance both their quantitative and qualitative skill sets during their Simon experience – as each area is very important to success in the classroom and the job search.

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