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Internship Preview: Wen Chine joins StartFast Venture Accelerator

Wen Chine is a member of Simon’s MS in Marketing Analytics Class of 2017. She recently answered a few questions about her internship this summer. 

Where is your summer internship? What is your title and what are your anticipated responsibilities?
My internship is with StartFast Venture Accelerator in Syracuse, NY. As an associate, I expect to support startup development by providing data-driven marketing solutions and evaluating potential to secure funds.

Wen ChineHow did you find this position?
I found this internship by participating in an information session. I reached out to the company’s founder to do some networking, and eventually secured an interview.

What Career Management Center (CMC) resources did you use to help you prepare for the interview process or any of the job responsibilities?
As I was going through the process of securing the internship, I routinely checked in with my CMC career consultants, Libby Bakken and Kathy Driscoll.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?
I am looking forward to the hands-on, data-driven business development experiences in the startup ecosystem. I’m also looking forward to supporting my clients’ success. I am excited for this opportunity to work with my teammates, startups, founders of startup accelerators, and other investors to contribute to the rapid growth of the startups. I am eager to align this experience with my background and leverage it to enhance my career development.

Are you relocating? If so, what are you looking forward to exploring in your new home?
I am relocating to Syracuse, NY (about 90 minutes from Rochester), and I am fortunate that StartFast is orchestrating my move. I am excited to explore my new city!

Job Preview: Zach Lynch joins Silicon Valley Bank

Zach Lynch is a member of Simon’s MS in Finance Class of 2017. He recently answered a few questions about the full-time position he will begin after graduation. 

Where is your job? What are your anticipated responsibilities?
My job is in Boston with the Associate Development Program at Silicon Valley Bank. Since I’m joining the development program, I will be rotating through many different areas over the next 1.5 – 2 years. After that I will most likely move to a new city in whatever area is the best fit. I expect to be involved in credit risk, client relationship management, venture debt (both risk assessment and loan growth), and underwriting new deals. The clients will mainly be management teams of startup companies in hardware, software, and life sciences.

zach_lynchHow did you find this position?
I found my position through Mark Sullivan in the CMC, who informed me about SVB and this program after I told him I wanted to be involved in the technology sector.

What Career Management Center (CMC) resources did you use to help you prepare for the interview process or any of the job responsibilities?
The CMC helped me make sure my résumé was in order, and I used many of the free interview guides we get access to through the school, such as the Wall Street Oasis guides. The CMC also helped me negotiate my final contract after SVB made an offer.

What are you most looking forward to about your new position?
I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with tech startups and to develop relationships with members of the companies’ management teams. I also am looking forward to working in many different areas of the Bank so that I can build a solid understanding of how these departments work, while also assessing where I can contribute the most.

What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of your role?
I think one of the most challenging aspects will be conducting due diligence and learning how to evaluate each unique company. Building relationships with our clients might also be challenging when I start. It will take some time to become familiar will all the products and services we offer.

Are you relocating? If so, what are you looking forward to exploring in your new home?
I will be relocating sometime in December. I am really looking forward to exploring all the different neighborhoods in Boston because there is so much to see and do. It’s one of my favorite cities, and I am a huge Red Sox fan, so going to games is something I’m also really looking forward to!

Distant and Rosales Named to List of Best & Brightest in MBA Class of 2017

Jorge and David

David Distant (top) and Jorge Rosales Carpio are Simon MBAs named to Poets & Quants’ list of Best & Brightest MBAs in the Class of 2017.

Congratulations to David Distant and Jorge Rosales Carpio, who were named to Poets & Quants’ list of Best & Brightest MBAs for the Class of 2017! After graduation, David is headed to Citi as a technology investment banking associate, and Jorge will join Simon-Kucher & Partners as a senior consultant.

Here’s an excerpt from their full bios on advice they would give prospective students who are considering Simon:

David: “The best advice I can tell a prospective student is to network with the Admissions office. Building good relationships with the admissions team can easily be the determining factor in admission to Simon and the potential for a scholarship.”

Jorge: “You will come to the greatest hidden gem among the business schools in the world, with some of the best faculty who will give you the tools to become a great professional, but you need to put everything on your side to make a good use of the opportunities you will receive.”

A Week in the Life: Chris DiGiacomandrea, MBA Class of 2018

You’ve done your homework about b-school: checked out program strengths, faculty reputation, career outcomes, and rankings. But what is getting an MBA truly like? The student experience can’t be quantified like a statistic – in order to know what your life at Simon will be like, you have to live it. But how do you do that before you start classes? How can you be sure you’re finding the right fit?

Chris DiGiacomandrea, 2018 MBA candidate and soon-to-be pathways operations intern at Amazon, found his fit at Simon. He also documented a week in his life as a student, covering the daily activities that define his Simon experience – from group meetings to cooking dinner with his roommates. Curious about what your life as an MBA student could be like? Take a look.


No two student experiences are exactly alike, but that’s part of what makes business school such an exciting, challenging, and rewarding endeavor. We’re confident that no matter where you’re heading in your career, we can help you get there.

In fact, you may even get there faster than you think. Don’t rule out a fall 2017 entry to the Simon MBA program – our final application deadline is May 15, and scholarship support is still available.

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