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Winter In Rochester

By: Adam Capozzi

Upstate New York is a very adventurous place to settle into, and if you have had the chance to live in Rochester, or heard stories about Rochester, you know that there really are just two seasons. The first being construction season, and the other being winter. The winters in Rochester are very unique, and there is hardly a year that goes by without a lot of snow, and complaining about how cold it is. However, there are still a lot of great things to participate in during winter time in this city.

Though it has been a pretty bleak winter so far this year, the biggest asset that Rochester has is the snowfall.  It isn’t uncommon to see 5-6 inches accumulate in a single day throughout this time of the year, and while some might not like it, it does give people a chance to get outdoors. Whether it be skiing, or sledding at the various public hills available, there are plenty of places to get out and do some fun things in the snow.

Whether you are going to visit Cobbs Hill or Ellison Park, you can find many places to go sledding.  If you don’t like sledding, you can always go out and make a snowman, or just play around in the snow. Regardless of how you like to enjoy the snow, you should get out and enjoy it because it isn’t going anywhere fast.

If going outside at this time of the year is not your thing, you still have plenty of options available to you.  Whether you want to go to the ESL Sports Centre, or to Thomas Creek, there are always plenty of good ice skating rinks available. These are great places to go to have fun with friends, and have a chance to enjoy a little bit of the winter atmosphere.

There are many other activities that will keep you busy during these epic months of snowfall.  You can finally take the time to visit one of the many amazing museums this city has to boost, or take advantage of our local winter athletics by supporting the Rochester Amerks, and/or Lancers at the Blue Cross Arena. Also, how can we forget about the Eastman Theatre, from the Christmas classic of the Nutcracker that plays every December to a wide range of theatrical performances that will keep you entertained throughout these coming months. 
Though Rochester winters might seem like a never ending series of snowy days and cold nights, there are still plenty of things to see and do. Winter might not be the most pleasant season in town, but it isn’t boring, and at times we still see the sun! With this wide array of activities, I truly urge you to take advantage of winter since it will always be here once a year…so we might as well make the most of it!


Enjoy the Erie Canal in Simon’s Backyard

Erie CanalBy: Sindy Cantor

The New York State Canalway Trail System is comprised of a network of more than 260 miles of existing multi-use, recreational trails across upstate New York. Major segments are adjacent to the waterways of the New York State Canal System or follow remnants of the historic original canals of the early 1800s that preceded today’s working Canal System.

The Canalway Trail System is comprised of four major segments: the 100-mile Erie Canal Heritage Trail in Western New York (this part of the canal encompasses Rochester), the 36-mile Old Erie Canal State Park Trail in Central New York, the 60-mile Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway in the Eastern Capital Region, and the eight-mile Glens Falls Feeder Canal Heritage Trail in the foothills of the Adirondacks near Lake George. The area from Fairport to Spencerport spans approximately 19 miles. The trail has sections that are paved and some areas are just stone.
We are so fortunate to have the Erie Canal Trail right in Simon’s backyard! What better way to start out a day at Simon than a peaceful ride on the Erie Canal? You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, get in a cardio workout, avoid the commuter traffic on the roads, and, best of all, no parking worries once arriving at the University of Rochester! There are many convenient ways to get to the University from the canal: Kendrick Road “entrance”, another at the far end of Park Lot, and an entrance right from Genesee Valley Park. The bike ride in the morning gives me a chance to plan out my day or just chill to some good music. Likewise, the ride home allows me to wind down. Riding the canal frequently and at the same time daily, you will get to see the “canal regulars.” One of my favorites is a woman who appears to be in her later years rolling blading!

More than Academics: The Simon Club Experience

By: Crissi

The most obvious reason to enroll in graduate school for business is the academics.  A less obvious and secondary reason is to build your professional network and improve upon your leadership skills.  While this can take place in the classroom, student clubs are where business students strengthen their bonds with classmates and work on balancing academics, leadership, and a job search.

The average Simon student is a member of three Simon clubs and holds an elected leadership position in one club.  These clubs can be considered as belonging to several different categories: academic-based, social, sports, and cultural.  Some Simon clubs represent chapters of larger national and international organizations such as Toastmasters and National Black.  There are also clubs that serve the greater Simon community such as the student government, The Graduate Business Council (GBC), and the student run newspaper, The World According To Simon (WATS).  Whatever your passion, there is a club to suit your interests.

One of the best points about getting involved with clubs while in business school is the opportunity to build a lasting legacy at Simon.  If you would like to plan a trip (cultural, professional, or social) or organize a case competition, you can!  If you have an idea for a club that you would like to found, you can!  This year a new Squash club was formed.  Alumni often return to the school with a keen eye to connecting with students involved in the clubs they experienced during their student life.

While business school is foremost a place to receive a world class education, the huge benefits of getting involved in student clubs cannot be ignored.  The collage above is a snapshot of activities sponsored by the Simon Marketing Association, an academics-based student club.  For a full – and growing! – list of the clubs at the Simon School please visit:–organizations/index.aspx

From the South to Simon

 By Austin Greenwalt

Are you nervous about coming to Simon from a different part of the country, or even world?  Having grown up and lived in the South for my entire life, I expected quite a deal of culture shock when moving to Rochester.  Upon moving here, I realized that there are definitely differences between the two, but I’ve grown to truly enjoy Rochester.

I have always been a big sports enthusiast- both watching and playing.  Until recently, I thought that participating in outdoor sports was off-limits during the winter because of the snowfall.  Apparently, I just never thought of sports meant for the snow, such as cross country skiing.  Simon’s Winter Sports Club not only educates on outdoor sports for the winter, but also provides an active group of people to enjoy the outdoors with.  In addition, the University of Rochester has a state of the art indoor recreation center featuring full size tennis courts, an indoor soccer/lacrosse field, an indoor swimming pool, and other indoor recreation facilities.  If you’re more of a spectator, watching the Red Wings or Rochester Americans are some great ways to spend a weekend night.  I was glad to learn that snowfall wouldn’t inhibit my love for sports.   

Another pressing issue that concerned me was leaving some of my favorite restaurants and food styles behind.  After just living here for a couple weeks, I was amazed by the selection of food in Rochester- from the international cuisines to restaurants with wings that rival the best in the world.  Rochester definitely gives enough variety to satisfy just about any palette.  After dinner the city also offers a great selection of nightlife venues.  Murphy’s Law is a favorite place to grab a beer, or right across the street from Murphy’s are some great clubs if you’re more into dancing.  Trust me when I say that Rochester’s wining and dining options should suit any personality. 

The move to upstate New York was intimidating at first, but after a few days of settling in, I found that Rochester is a friendly city that makes it easy for a smooth transition.  I came with many expectations (even some negative ones), but I’ve found Rochester to be a very enjoyable experience.