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A Pleasure and Honor to Welcome New Students!

By Eileen:

Last week Simon had quite an enjoyable reception in the Rotunda.  The Admissions Office along with Student Services and the Career Management Center hosted a Welcome Reception for all of our new and current Simon students in the Rochester area.  This was the first summer welcome event of its kind, so we were not sure if the new students currently participating in ELUSC or taking classes this summer would have time to stop by, but what a delight to have a turnout of nearly 100 students, faculty, and staff!   This was a great opportunity to finally meet a number of students that we have been emailing for months and have arrived in Rochester, or to catch up with those we’ve met throughout their application process.  The entire reception was very relaxed, no formal schedule of any kind, rather a chance to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. 

As I mentioned earlier, a number of professors and staff from other offices were able to stop by as well, including Mark Zupan!  Lots of students told me how excited they were that the Dean attended, and many took the opportunity to introduce their selves.  It was also impressive that new students were not the only ones to take advantage of this event, as many of our current students & recent grads who are still in the area made it a point to attend and meet our new students.  As you can imagine, they offered a wealth of information from their perspective, and helped give our newest students an idea of what they can look forward to in the coming 1-2 years. 
Overall, the Welcome Reception was a wonderful afternoon that I anticipate will certainly happen again in the future.  It was an honor to meet with our newest members of the Simon MBA and MS classes, and to hear more about them beyond what was on their applications.  Looking forward to getting to know all of our incoming students who continue to arrive within the next few months and become part of the Simon community!

Greetings from Simon!

By: Eileen

As the newest member of the Admissions blogging gang, I wanted to share a little about myself and my experience at Simon.  I’ve been working here in Admissions for almost 2 years, and absolutely love my job.  Every day is different, as I am lucky enough to meet a myriad of different prospective students, talk about their experiences and what they hope to accomplish in the future.  The students at Simon are incredibly motivated, which only helps encourage me to continue helping bring in more students who can succeed and make a difference in the Simon community.

 I am also fortunate enough to work with our students at the classroom level, as I am currently about halfway through my part-time (flex) MBA program.  This part-time program gives the option to either take one or two classes each quarter (or even take a quarter off if needed), and provides the opportunity to work with students in each of our MBA and MS programs.  So far I have been extremely thankful to the professors, who make a point to get to know the students in the class.  If I ever need to meet with a professor or just have a question about an assignment, the response time to my email is always mind-blowing.  I sometimes wonder when they eat and sleep, it seems as though I will generally receive a response in less than 24 hours, regardless of the time day or night.  Each of the programs involves a significant amount of work, but it is always worth the group meetings and late-night studying.

 I am grateful to be able to get to know such a diverse group of students and learn from them as much as from the professors.  With graduation this past weekend, I couldn’t be more excited for the outgoing MBA and MS classes.  They have been a tremendous inspiration and a reminder that dedication and teamwork will always lead to high achievements.