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Social Media in Higher Education

By: Adam
Looking back a decade ago, the thought of social media didn’t even exist.  We kept in contact through traditional media like phone calls, e-mails, and sometimes even the good old-fashioned hand-written letter.  Different announcements and information were broadcast through television, magazines, billboards and the occasional internet banner.  Now, fast forward to today and the main source of news is now found on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, making everyone’s lives a lot easier.  Not only are more websites being created every day, but each individual social media site is expanding and integrating to make things more convenient for its users.  We have entered the world of social media and we are now using our online voices to speak louder than ever before.

As we continue to move forward, social media is starting to shape the world we live in on a “most recent” basis and from this; there is no denying that Social Media is everywhere!  It has become the common practice of staying in contact, sharing the latest news stories and now, it’s become a common place to learn more about a specific University.   With this shift, these social tools can be used to quickly access information and expertise on the school, but also improve collaboration, engagement and cooperation, while enhancing relationships through constant contact. 

Though the Simon Website will always serve as the best source of information on the school, these social media tools are serving as a new and innovative twist on sharing specific details of the “Simon Experience”.    This swift change is meant to capitalize on the growing population in this interactive world, as we are constantly updating our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to captivate our audience on everything that is currently happening here at the University.

To learn more, take the time to visit our Simon Social Media page and get involved, because let’s be honest, Social Media is not going away!




By: Adam
Before you start getting your hopes up, let me start off by explaining that this blog is not in relevance to one of the most enjoyable times of the year for all sports fans around the globe, rather it is a reference to our March 15th Application Deadline.  Yes folks, the final application deadline season is upon us once again and let me tell you, it is one for the record books!

With this coming at us full-steam ahead, we are receiving a wide array of questions from candidates ranging on the different components that are needed when submitting their application.  These questions are not only during the submitting process, but also after, as we know that everyone is eager to hear feedback on their own individual candidacy.  Trust me, we have heard it all and I want to remind everyone that a great source of information to these glaring questions is the Simon Website itself, as it provides every little miniscule detail you could ever imagine, ranging from Application Instructions to FAQ’s. 

If you take anything away from this blog post, please remember this is an extremely busy time of the year for Admissions!  We receive hundreds of applications which we take the time to read thoroughly to ensure every applicant is evaluated in a fair and timely manner.  We realize you are anxious to hear decisions, since your goals for graduate school are riding on the numerous applications you have sent out to schools around the world. Be it known that we will do all we can to make sure we are concrete in relaying which of your application documents we have on file. We ask that you remain patient with us as there are many applications to process and much information to enter into our database.  If you log back into your online application in Apply Yourself, after clicking submit, it will actually tell you what we have received—this is the same information that we have available in our database.  If you don’t see it reflected on the online application, then we don’t see it in the online database either.  Please remember that there can be a processing time of up to 10 business days.  We will do all we can to give you timely and accurate information on your application.

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing your completed application soon!

Winter In Rochester

By: Adam Capozzi

Upstate New York is a very adventurous place to settle into, and if you have had the chance to live in Rochester, or heard stories about Rochester, you know that there really are just two seasons. The first being construction season, and the other being winter. The winters in Rochester are very unique, and there is hardly a year that goes by without a lot of snow, and complaining about how cold it is. However, there are still a lot of great things to participate in during winter time in this city.

Though it has been a pretty bleak winter so far this year, the biggest asset that Rochester has is the snowfall.  It isn’t uncommon to see 5-6 inches accumulate in a single day throughout this time of the year, and while some might not like it, it does give people a chance to get outdoors. Whether it be skiing, or sledding at the various public hills available, there are plenty of places to get out and do some fun things in the snow.

Whether you are going to visit Cobbs Hill or Ellison Park, you can find many places to go sledding.  If you don’t like sledding, you can always go out and make a snowman, or just play around in the snow. Regardless of how you like to enjoy the snow, you should get out and enjoy it because it isn’t going anywhere fast.

If going outside at this time of the year is not your thing, you still have plenty of options available to you.  Whether you want to go to the ESL Sports Centre, or to Thomas Creek, there are always plenty of good ice skating rinks available. These are great places to go to have fun with friends, and have a chance to enjoy a little bit of the winter atmosphere.

There are many other activities that will keep you busy during these epic months of snowfall.  You can finally take the time to visit one of the many amazing museums this city has to boost, or take advantage of our local winter athletics by supporting the Rochester Amerks, and/or Lancers at the Blue Cross Arena. Also, how can we forget about the Eastman Theatre, from the Christmas classic of the Nutcracker that plays every December to a wide range of theatrical performances that will keep you entertained throughout these coming months. 
Though Rochester winters might seem like a never ending series of snowy days and cold nights, there are still plenty of things to see and do. Winter might not be the most pleasant season in town, but it isn’t boring, and at times we still see the sun! With this wide array of activities, I truly urge you to take advantage of winter since it will always be here once a year…so we might as well make the most of it!