Business School Admissions Tips: Transcripts and Your Academic Record

This week, we are talking about undergraduate transcripts and your academic record. Our admissions committee will review each transcript for a college you have attended – regardless of whether or not you have received a degree from the school. Some things we are looking for:

  • Overall four-year trend during college – we’d like to see an upward trend in grades throughout your undergraduate record.
  • Grades in math, business, or analytical classes – to help determine expected performance in Simon classes; we will review grades in classes taken within degree and non-degree programs.
  • Although we don’t require undergraduate training in business, we do recommend that if you have not had classes in statistics and calculus, you may wish to consider taking one or both classes on a non-degree basis.
  • If there are areas of your undergraduate record that may be a concern to the admissions committee, use the optional essay to help us understand any circumstances that impacted your performance.

Next time, we will discuss your resume and prior work experience.

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