Business School Admissions Tips: The GMAT Score

This week, we are talking about your GMAT score, as it relates to our assessment of your academic abilities. Here are some tips to consider:

  • There is no stated minimum GMAT – we consider the entire application when making admission decisions.
  • You may wish to consider both our average GMAT and middle 80% range when making a decision on whether your score is within our expectations.
  • We look at both the overall score, as well as the verbal/quantitative breakdown on the GMAT when assessing capabilities.
  • We take the highest GMAT (not an average or combination of multiple scores) when reviewing your candidacy.
  • While it is fine to take the GMAT more than once, we strongly recommend that you set aside ample time for studying and preparation prior to sitting for the GMAT again.
  • For candidates with a weaker undergraduate record, we will expect the GMAT will help to offset any concerns by providing a true representation of your academic potential.
  • Official test results must be submitted to the Simon School – please request these to be sent to us prior to submitting your online application.

Up next – I’ll be discussing your transcripts and academic record.

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