Business School Admission Tips:
Resume and Prior Work Experience

By: Rebekah

Hi again from Rochester! I am actually typing this in the airport on my way to my first recruiting trip of the season for 2007 – 08. The focus of my post today will be discussing prior work experience and our assessment of your resume. The Simon School Admissions Committee spends a significant portion of our review of candidates to understand prior work experience. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you are putting the finishing touches on your application:

We review traditional post-baccalaureate work as well as summer internships/jobs for those with limited work experience and pre-baccalaureate experience (such as military or other related experience) for those with a non-traditional educational background.

We consider both business and non-business experiences, but will look for transferable skills from all current or prior work that will translate into contributions in the classroom and success in the post-MBA or post-MS job search.

We look at both the quality and quantity of work experience and how it relates to the decision for pursuing graduate study. You need to be prepared to answer the question of why "now" is the right time to pursue and MBA or MS degree.

Please follow the 2-page format we suggest and include the items suggested in your resume (as well as any other details you feel are relevant). Ultimately, your resume needs to include enough information to help us assess the skills you have developed, projects you have managed, and contributions that you have made at the organization(s) where you have worked.

Your essays and interview should validate and reinforce the information provided in your resume and should elaborate where appropriate. You can expect that we are viewing your resume from the perspective of a future professor or employer to best understand how you can contribute in a case discussion in class, on a study team with fellow graduate students, or in your first post-graduate position.

If you have questions on how to best position yourself for success in the application process, feel free to contact us at Best wishes with your application!

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