Building a Competitive Round 4 Application

It’s mid-February, and you might be wondering about timing for the business school admissions cycle. Don’t rule out a fall start simply because the Round 4 application deadline is approaching! Here are a few ways to position yourself as an attractive candidate at any point in the admissions cycle.

Understand there are spots available in every round. It’s true offers have been extended in previous rounds, but remember there is always room in a class for a strong candidate. At Simon, we take a multi-faceted approach to application review, so there are multiple opportunities to impress the Admissions Committee: depth and breadth of work experiences, communication and interpersonal skills, leadership within your community, GMAT/GRE score, and GPA, among others.

There's still time to apply for 2016 entry!

There’s still time to apply for 2016 entry!

Be “visible” at the school. If possible, visit Simon to get a feel for the campus, students, staff, and city of Rochester. If you attend an event, you might even be able to get some valuable face time with members of the admissions team. If you live internationally, regularly participate in our webinar series. When students visit campus or are attentive to the programming we provide, they are more equipped to answer the elusive “fit” question by having a deeper understanding of what a Simon education has to offer.

Talk to current students. We know at some point you will have a question you’d like to ask, but you won’t want to ask an admissions counselor. We understand! You’re about to make a big decision, and you want to hear what b-school is like from someone who is living it. At Simon, we have MBA and MS admissions ambassadors who regularly interact with prospective students to provide perspective and answer questions in a way that an admissions staff member cannot. Questions about landing that dream job with the support of Simon’s Career Management Center, finding work/life balance, starting business school after coming from a non-business background, or scoping out the best hamburgers in town–our students know it all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them throughout the application process.

Apply when you feel ready. We say this often on this blog because we can’t stress it enough. The right time to apply is whenever you have put your best application together. Invest enough time in the application process to ensure you put your best foot forward. If you apply in Round 4 with a strong application, the Admissions Committee will recognize that. However, if you’re rushing to retake the GMAT or hustling through essays to submit your application under the wire before March 15, the Admissions Committee will see that, too. We would caution you to steer clear of hastily preparing an application, figuring if you get denied you will just apply again the next year. Here’s why: At Simon you must disclose if you’ve applied in the past, and the Committee will be looking for you to demonstrate professional growth and to provide evidence of why business school is right for you now when it wasn’t before—not an easy task in just a few months.

The main takeaway is that the strength of your candidacy will shine through regardless of the round you apply. Spend your time doing research, talking to students, and preparing an application you are proud of. We look forward to reading it as soon as it’s ready!

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Looking for more advice? Register for our Round 4 Application Tips webinar at 9:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

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