Attending Women’s Weekend was Quite an Experience for Me!

By: Tonya Reetz- MS Candidate 2013

About a month before Women’s Weekend, I had participated in the Early Leaders Case Competition that the Simon School hosts annually, so I was unsure of what the takeaways would be from attending another event, primarily based on the closeness of time.  I thought that this event would just be a few more student and alumni panels, which were also offered during the Early Leaders event.  [Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I didn’t enjoy these panels because each and every new panel always provided different insights as well as gave me the ability to see how the school impacted each panelist.]  How incorrect I was!  The Women’s Weekend gave me the chance to interact on a more intimate, yet professional manner, with students, alumni, and administration.

Before this event, I knew I wanted to obtain my masters, but I was unfamiliar with the difference between the MBA and the MS programs for my chosen concentration (healthcare).  I was able to have all of my questions addressed at this event.  Granted, these questions might have been able to be answered through electronic communications but being face to face with a recruiter put a much more personal touch to my dilemma.  I was able to choose the right program to apply to because of this event. The Admissions Recruitment Counselors are very willing to make sure prospective students start on the right path and there is even an opportunity to be interviewed during the event as well.

But, beyond this personal dilemma that was solved, I was able to meet so many bright, fantastic, and compassionate women.  Unfortunately, I had only grabbed two women’s contact information (and still keep in touch with them today), but two is better than none, which is what I would have had if I didn’t attend the event at all.  Even if someone is just thinking about attending the Simon School, I would definitely recommend to go to this event, or any of the Open Houses or Information sessions, because of all the positive experiences I had.

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