Admissions Tips: Application Timing and Scholarships

LibraryHere are my thoughts about the advantages of applying by the January 5th application round
by Rebekah Lewin, Assistant Dean of Admissions & Student Engagement:

Decision Timing: If you’re accepted at more than one program, you still have plenty of time to make a decision and determine which place best fits what you are looking for in b-school.  There are options in the winter and spring to attend admit weekends and connect with students and alumni, with ample planning time to give notice at work and relocate to Rochester.

Stacking up against the Applicant Pool: While quality is more important than the timing of your application (i.e. don’t apply early with a weak application) the early rounds set a standard for subsequent admissions rounds. Applying by January 5th means that you will be reviewed along with the earliest rounds of applicants, while still giving yourself as much time as possible to submit a competitive application.

In my years working in Admissions, I am often asked if applying early provides an advantage. The answer is, “it depends.”  While it is true that fewer students have been admitted in early rounds, Simon (and most other top schools) would not set targets for a certain number of admits—or even a percentage to be admitted—for any of our rounds of admission. Quality and fit to the School are still the most important factors for our Admissions committee. So while it may seem that there is an advantage to applying super-early, don’t overthink it.  Just focus on showing how you are a fit for Simon and the distinctive qualities of your candidacy.

Scholarship Availability: While most students expect to use loans and personal funds to finance their MBA studies, Simon also offers more than 70% of incoming students (with a range of profiles) some level of merit-based scholarship support as a way to encourage enrollment. Priority for scholarships (includes consideration for Scholarship Weekend, an elite invitation-only event for admitted students to compete for scholarships and full tuition fellowships) is given to candidates who apply by the January 5th application deadline.

Another opportunity to consider for those living in New York State is the New York State Scholarship Fund, in which top candidates who are admitted for full-time MBA or MS business study qualify. The School will designate $5 million over the next three years to the Simon Business School New York State Scholarship Fund to provide tuition assistance for outstanding New York State residents who are admitted and begin their studies from June 2014 through September 2016.  Further details can be found on our website.

If you are ready to finalize an application, I strongly recommend the extra push to complete everything by our January 5th application deadline.  We can’t wait to review your application!

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