Alumni Spotlight: Scott Sweeney, MBA ‘08

I currently manage the Unilever Food and Ice Cream consumer goods portfolio at Wegmans, one of the top rated grocery chains in the USA.  My leadership responsibilities in this role includes sales, marketing, strategy, and related cross-functional business aspects that support iconic brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Lipton.

Scott Sweeney, MBA ‘08 Business Manager Unilever

Scott Sweeney, MBA ‘08
Business Manager

Looking back, I chose Simon for its differentiated approach to shaping future business leaders.  The School has a strong academic core with an active alumni community that supports and celebrates its members in a personalized way.

An MBA from Simon provided me a foundation for success as well as a distinct advantage in the marketplace.   The program transformed the way I think with its unique blend of analytics, innovation, and communication training.  It also introduced me to an invaluable network of friends, colleagues, and mentors.


My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Immerse yourself in the Simon experience to truly understand the School’s proven benefits, and above all else keep reaching for your goals.

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