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Alumni Spotlight: Nihar Shah, MBA ’03

I chose Simon for a few reasons. First, I had an undergraduate degree and work experience in Engineering.  While applying to B-schools I was sure that I wanted to broaden my knowledge base and gain solid acumen in finance.  Second, I was also sure that I wanted to establish a personal rapport with a majority of my classmates.  Lastly, I was looking to enroll into a b-school that had a good representation of students from around the world.  Simon fit the bill perfectly in all three dimensions with a bonus of being situated in Rochester, NY.  I felt comfortable living in Rochester as a student because your budget is not severely tested, and the city offers a variety of entertainment outside of academics and campus.

Nihar Shah, MBA ’03 Director and Promoter Silver Bright

Nihar Shah, MBA ’03
Director and Promoter
Silver Bright

The rigor of the Simon degree provided me with tremendous self-confidence to pursue a career in finance that would not have been possible otherwise.  It expanded my horizons through the cultural immersion programs, club activities and coach initiatives.  The various speakers who came to campus were motivating, and I slowly started to picture myself in their shoes.  The friendships that I built with my classmates has withstood the test of time and even today whenever I travel to another country, I look up alumni and meet up with them whenever possible.   Simon gave me the opportunity to intern as an equity analyst in a buy-side firm in Rochester. This was a turning point in my career, especially since I was moving out of engineering and into finance during a very difficult market environment.  In addition, during my second year recruitment season, a Simon alum helped me land an interview with Microsoft Corporation for a full time position.  The years I spent at Microsoft working on acquisitions, corporate development, and strategic planning (often working with and managing graduates from the top 5 b-schools), assured me that in terms of education quality, Simon is on top.

Currently I work as the Director and Promoter of Silver Bright. I am responsible for business development, finance and strategy.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Attend Simon for the right reasons.  If you do, you will be fully satisfied with what you learn and experience over two years.  Try and talk to as many alumni and current students as you can.  To sum it up, if given another opportunity, I would repeat the same process and probably enjoy the 2 year ride a little more!

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