Alumni Spotlight: Mona Koda, MBA ‘10

Business Management Associate  Eli Lilly and Company

Business Management Associate
Eli Lilly and Company

At Eli Lilly, I am primarily responsible for Business Management through Quarterly Forecasts and costs modeling for projects handled by Eli Lilly Japan, as well as associated Capacity Planning and management and performance metrics development and analysis.

I chose Simon because it was open to those with less experience than traditional MBA students along with a diverse international community. The Simon Business School’s strong curriculum also attracted me to the school.

Simon afforded me the ability to learn from a broad range of subjects by allowing me to build my degree around the courses I was interested in, while still being able to qualify for concentrations. Concentrations in both finance and healthcare management prepared me for my current position, which deals with both the finance and strategic sides of overseas drug development. I have found that I was well prepared for the position from the skills and knowledge I gained through my MBA at Simon.  In turn, my experience at Lilly has been rewarding since I joined them in September 2012.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Be prepared to be immersed in the world of business. It is a curriculum that is not for the lighthearted, but in turn the knowledge and the skills gained during the program are useful many years after graduation. Try to get involved in the extracurricular clubs, as they provide a different set of experiences away from the courses.

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