Alumni Spotlight: Michael Cirami, MBA ‘03

Vice President, Co-Director of Global Income Eaton Vance

Vice President,
Co-Director of Global Income
Eaton Vance

Simon stood out to me among MBA programs for its free market approach to economics.  At Simon, I discovered the optimal combination of a rigorous academic environment and extensive career support, both of which are essential to success after graduation.

The Simon MBA program provided me not only with a solid foundation of knowledge necessary to survive in the financial world, but also unlocked a vast network of jobs, colleagues, professors, and friends that have proved invaluable as my career has progressed. In my experience over the past few years, members of the Simon community, no matter where in the world they land, are always excited to meet and engage with fellow alums and go out of their way to help one another’s professional development.

I am currently a portfolio manager focusing on investment opportunities in emerging Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. I manage a number of funds run by the Eaton Vance Global Income Group, overseeing approximately $15bn in assets under management.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Take the time to really understand where your passions lie and to differentiate your interests from what’s in vogue, from what sounds impressive. If you follow your interests, the hard work and long hours it takes to succeed will transform from dull drudgery to an immense satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, the drudgery will never disappear entirely, but it ultimately will be justified by a gratifying career.

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