Admissions Tips-Writing Compelling MBA Application Essays

RotundraWhile business school is a time for exploration, the Admissions Committee is going to expect you to have a strong sense of why you want an MBA and what you hope to do after graduating.  Applying to business school is an introspective process, and we want to make sure a candidate has a good sense of what they want from a program, where they hope it will lead them, and why our school in particular is well-suited to help them attain their goals.  Why are you a good match for the school and program to which you are applying?  The Admissions Committee is also seeking candidates who will contribute the most in a classroom and team setting—as well as who will benefit most from their program.  This information is an integral part of your “story” and it should come across in your essays.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you approach the full-time MBA application for 2014:

  • Essays are a chance for you to really tell your story, your opportunity to “shine” and be who you are… and for the Admissions Committee to get to know you better.  Be sure to understand the questions that are being asked and answer them accurately.
  • Tell your story in a natural and honest way.  Be yourself and know yourself!  Your response should be descriptive, straightforward, and sincere.
  • Don’t try to short-cut a school’s application by using a boilerplate template for multiple schools.  The Admissions Committee can tell when you do that, as you may make reference to the wrong school or write essays that don’t fully answer the question(s) asked.
  • Once you have written your essays, ask someone who knows you well to read them, but then also have someone who is less familiar with you and your background review them.  The first can help you be sure that your personality comes across—that the essays help draw a picture of who you are.  The second reader can help you identify places where your story is not cohesive.   A good suggestion is to let them read your essay without giving them the question first…and see if they can determine what the essay question was.  If they can figure it out, you’ve done a good job.
  • Optional Essays- your opportunity to address anything of concern in your application or anything else you wish to share about your candidacy that is not already addressed somewhere else.   The Optional essay really is optional – but if you choose to write it, the essay content must be relevant to your B-school application.
  • Grammar and spelling matter!

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  1. Also avoid copying someone’s work from the internet. They may have written the best application essay but it may not truly represent you. Another student might copy the same essay or worse the admission committee discovers you plagiarized someones work.

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