Additional Value in a B-School Network

By: Tony

There are several factors that will play a role in the choice of what school to attend for your MBA or MS graduate business degree.  We have all heard about the importance in a program’s curriculum, faculty prominence, career placement, size and many other points.  One of these other important features to consider is one that you may not receive a benefit from until a few years into your career… the alumni network.  The intangible benefit of a school’s professional and alumni community is an additional value that will provide you lasting power on your resume and your professional network.


The Simon School’s active and well-connected alumni network is primarily a benefit from our personal culture at the school.  We boast alumni networks across the US and across the world.  Not only are these alums in several cities, industries and companies; but also eager to provide advice and assistance in promoting the Simon School.  You can find some examples of Simon grads and what they are doing now on our Alumni Profilewebsite along with some recent evidence of the commitment of our alums to the Simon School here.


While doing your research on possible b-school’s you want to attend, ask about alumni involvement and to speak with an alum.  Not only will this be another information source for you find out more about the school… but also a chance for you to find out how you can benefit from the alumni network later in your career.

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