A City Worth Living in!

By Greg

Newsday.com recently ranked Rochester, NY among 6 college towns worth visiting:  http://www.newsday.com/travel/6-college-towns-worth-visiting-1.1569515

While those of us who live and work in Rochester, NY know about the great quality of life we enjoy here, it is nice to see the city continue to be recognized by national media for the gem that it truly is.  Students routinely tell me how they find so many cool things to do in Rochester.  I tell them my family moved here ten years ago and we are still working through our list of things to see and do.

Capitalizing on how easy it is to get out and about in Rochester, a group of Simon students has decided to make the most of our world famous winters.  They have formed the Winter Sports Club and intend to organize trips to local ski slopes and skating rinks.  Growing up in Canada, I have experienced more winters than I sometimes care to remember.  Yet, I have always enjoyed watching some of our students react to snow for the first time.

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